What I love about Reunion 9

This originally appeared on lisarex.com.

About a year ago I made the permanent switch to Mac and now my must-have program is Reunion 9 software.

I’m not a power user yet but here are some of the features that make managing my family trees so great.

View of my ancestors in Reunion
  • Clear display of a family unit
  • Customizable display (I like to display baptism info simply because I can tell at a glance if that information is still needing to be found)
  • Easy creation and merging of sources
  • Adding children from the index is very helpful
  • Ability to display age wherever needed
  • Highly flexible reports
  • Exporting reports as PDFs ( I think this is a Mac feature that makes it so easy!)
  • Ability to bookmark an individual


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4 responses to “What I love about Reunion 9

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  2. Scott

    I have a MacOS 10.5.7 and my brother has Family Tree Maker with an extensive database of our family on his Windows PC. I want to transfer his info onto my Mac. Has anyone been able to transfer Family Tree Maker data into the Reunion 9 program, or does one have to re-enter all the data by hand?

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