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Good Genealogy Luck – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Each Saturday, Randy Seaver of Geneamusings issues a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun blogging challenge. This week’s subject  is to talk about a time when we had a big ol’ dose of good genealogy luck.

That’s an easy one. In June 2003 I was living in England. My new boyfriend and I decided to do a fly-drive holiday in Sweden. The purpose of the trip was to conduct some genealogy research on my dad’s side as well as have a bit of a vacation in beautiful southern Sweden.

We started just south of Stockholm and drove westerly over five days. It was quite an adventure, seeing places well off the tourist trail, stopping at rural village churches, old farmhouses, and staying in countryside B&Bs.

I didn’t want my genealogy side-excursions to take over the trip, so we stopped in Vadstena, in the province of Östergötland. There we found a pretty town, dominated by an amazing castle next to a giant lake. While doing the self-tour of the castle, we saw a sign pointing to the province’s archives. In the castle.

Yep, I’d accidentally stumbled upon the region’s record office. My husband, the good guy he is, immediately offered to run to the car to get my files. While in the archives, we looked at several original parish registers and were able to take a family line back a further generation. Sadly, we only had about an hour until closing time, but the staff there were brilliant and helped us out. It didn’t hurt that we were the two of the three researchers that afternoon!

I want to post some photos of our time at Vadstena (and all my Sweden photos including a very well-kept headstone of my 3x-great-grandparents and of us meeting my dad’s second cousin and his family) but they’re on another computer right now. I’ll add them here soon.


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