Canadian Border Crossings on Ancestry

Exciting stuff! has published Border Crossings: From U.S. to Canada, 1908-1935 on it’s site. I was hoping to find my grandfather there, but no luck. Please tell me he didn’t slip through the border in the Minnesota woods or something…he was about 10 years old, so I’m told. That sounds pretty dangerous.

I did, however, find his uncle Peter Kowalenko and Peter’s wife and daughter in the records in 1927. Peter’s birthplace is listed as Hordinka, Austria.

Peter is listed again in 1930, and was rejected from entering Canada to see a friend. Peter’s birthplace here is listed as Hordenka, Poland (pesky border changes). Peter and wife were living in Michigan at the time. Interesting!

It’s probably Horodenka:

I haven’t been able to locate the family in church records yet. Two trips to the Family History Library and no finds on my Ukrainian family yet…


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