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Not a Bad Genealogy Blog

UPDATE: Please see my post dated April 3 2009. Sources will be provided upon request.

Following the disagreement over this blog post I have decided to add sources to all of my existing family biography posts, before I add any more new content.

I make no declarations that my genealogy research is 100% perfect, but I am more than happy to demonstrate that I have made the effort to verify all data and encourage others to make their own verifications. I welcome any comments or corrections.

I have started with Ellen Firth and will add more this coming week. I’ll make every effort to update sources whenever possible.

If there are any Reunion 9 users out there, the easiest way to obtain the sources for an individual person is to create a Person Sheet and set the destination to TextEdit. Then you can copy and paste the sources for that individual.



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What I love about Reunion 9

This originally appeared on lisarex.com.

About a year ago I made the permanent switch to Mac and now my must-have program is Reunion 9 software.

I’m not a power user yet but here are some of the features that make managing my family trees so great.

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