Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Top 10 Genealogy Sites

Randy Seaver kickstarted the topic Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Top 10 Genealogy Sites, so here are mine:

  1. – is a one-stop-shop for online genealogy resources. While not cheap, I find they are good value and they are constantly adding more records.
  2. – Google Book Search contains a huge variety of books, particularly old county history books and published family history books. I’ve found some great gems in there.
  3. – This is the site that has searchable indexes of vital records, military service, coroner’s records, naturalization etc for the state of Illinois. Coverage is spotty but it’s a huge time saver and they’ve always been very quick when I’ve ordered copies. A more integrated global search would be nice though….
  4. – Chicago Ancestors is a Newberry Library project and has digitized city directories (hooray!), street finding aids (hooray!), historic maps (hooray again!) and links to useful places on the web. I bet they did it to ward off the zillions of questions they had to answer repeatedly, but whatever the motivation, I like it!
  5. – They haven’t got the content I need (yet) but their interface is so freaking slick and highly usable. Well done, you guys.
  6. – Some day when I have a several hours, I’m going to watch a huge stack of these genealogy videos. I’ve seen Megan Smolyenak Smolyenak’s portable film studio at NERGC – quite impressive!
  7. – IGI and FHLC catalog are great for general research
  8. – The Documents Online service from The National Archives (UK) is fab. I’ve impulse-purchased wills and service records more often than I’d like to admit!
  9. – Loads of databases and events to look forward to. Their library in Boston is impressive.
  10. – I’m a new user of Genealogy Bank but I’m excited by their coverage of historic newspapers and other records. There’s some great stuff in there that would take far too long to find using the old way.


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2 responses to “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Top 10 Genealogy Sites

  1. stephv73

    I really love Footnote, GenealogyBank, and They’ve all helped me tremendously, and have even helped me overcome some brick walls. I haven’t been to the UK National Archives site yet, but I’m going to check it out now. Thanks for posting it!

    Stephanie at the <a href=Irish Genealogical Research blog

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for your comments, Stephanie. Good luck with your research too!

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