Using 23andme to find cousins

I recently signed up to have my DNA tested during 23andme’s recent $99 sale. I’m interested in the health data, but finding cousins, validating my research and  unlocking brickwalls makes sense to me.

This is for the potential cousins out there.

My great-great-grandparents

(meaning if our common ancestor is listed here, we are 3th cousins)

  • Willem Harms Bakker born Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, Netherlands
  • Hillechien Jans Janssen born Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, Netherlands
  • Jan Wubbe Jansen born Netherlands
  • Geertruida Jans Franssen born Netherlands
  • John O. Torrence born Iowa, USA
  • Mary Emogene Briggs born Illinois, USA
  • George Firth born Yorkshire, England
  • Susannah Elliott born Yorkshire, England
  • ? Kowalenko born Ukraine
  • ? Trischuk born Ukraine
  • ? Shykaruk born Ukraine
  • ? possibly born Ukraine

My great-great-great grandparents

(meaning if our common ancestor is listed here, we are 4th cousins)

  • Harm Jurjens Bakker born Netherlands
  • Hilke Fokkens born Netherlands
  • Jan Jans Jansen born Netherlands
  • Hilke Zwierts Zwart born Netherlands
  • William B. Torrence born Pennsylvania, USA (probably Scotch-Irish ancestry)
  • Elvira G Fagg born Virginia or North Carolina, USA (probably English ancestry)
  • Orrin Briggs born Maine or Massachusetts, USA (probably English ancestry)
  • Susan Bowder born Pennsylvania, USA (probably German ancestry)
  • Thomas Firth born Yorkshire, England
  • Mary Elliott born Yorkshire, England
  • John Elliott born Yorkshire, England
  • Susannah Dawson born Yorkshire, England
  • (I haven’t listed the Ukrainian ancestors as I don’t know their names)


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2 responses to “Using 23andme to find cousins

  1. Lisa,

    Don’t first cousins have a common grandparent? Therefore, third ocusins would have common great-great-grandparents, and 4th cousins would have common 3GGrandparents. I think your cousin number is one number off.

    • Lisa

      Thanks for catching that, Randy! I’ll now add in my next generation….since the majority of matches in 23andme seem to be potential 5th cousins.

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