Timsbury, Hampshire parish registers

Lisa at Timsbury parish church, February 2009Timsbury is a small parish in the southwestern corner of Hampshire, England. More information about Timsbury and the neighbouring village of Michelmersh can be found at the Michelmersh and Timsbury villages website.

The Timsbury parish registers of 1780-1837 were transcribed by me, Lisa Rex, from the microfiche versions held by the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester. I have volunteered my time on this project to “give back” as my own personal research has benefited from volunteer transcriptions. I have a personal interest in Timsbury because some of my husband’s ancestors lived in Timsbury in the early 19th century.

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Read me first

After transcribing the records, I checked them against the PRTS Hackman Series vol 34 which are the transcribed Timsbury Bishop’s Transcripts (BTs). As BTs often vary from the registers, it’s worth checking both. However, I never did get around to checking my transcriptions against the original Timsbury BTs, and now I no longer live in Hampshire. Please also note that the registers are missing christenings and burials 1791-1812 but some entries were found in the PRTS BTs.

Please note – I am not guaranteeing 100% accuracy.
This transcription is meant as a research aid only.

Abbreviations used:

  • do = daughter of
  • so = son of
  • otp = of this parish, when describing a person’s abode
  • bach = bach, spin = spinster, sw = singlewoman

A few notes on spelling:

  • If I am unsure of the spelling due to poor legibility, I’ve offered an alternative. ex: (Rouden)
  • If the writing is smudged or difficult to read, I’ve put a question mark after the word in question.
  • If the PRTS BTs word or spelling is different to the parish register spelling, I have put the BT word/spelling in brackets. ex: [Rebekah] unless it is an identifiable surname. Many surnames appear with different spellings: Glasspool is spelled Glasspell, Glasspoll, Glasper, Glasspole, etc. For ease of finding relevant matches, I’ve standardised surname spellings so that searches show all individuals which are of the same surname. If I am unsure, I left the original spelling and put a note in brackets. Here are the obvious ones, with the standardised/most common spelling appearing first:
    • Collins / Collens / Collons
    • Glasspool / Glasspell / Glasspoll / Glasper / Glasspole
    • Griffin / Griffen
    • Mentrim / Mintrum
    • Paice / Pace
    • Pritchard / Prichard
    • Rumbold / Rumble
    • Russell / Russel
    • Russin / Russen
    • Sillence / Sillans/ Sillen / Sillens / Sillons
    • Stare / Stares / Steers / Stores / Stains
    • Swafield / Swaffield/ Swarfield
    • Trusler / Trussler
    • Vere / Vare
    • Wheable / Whebell

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