George Elliott (1830-1917)


George Elliott is my 3x great uncle. He was born July 30, 1830 in Fenwick, in the parish of Campsall, Yorkshire, England. His parents were John Elliott and Susannah Dawson. He was their second child, and their only son to live to adulthood. George was just 10 years old when he emigrated with his parents and siblings to Winnebago County, Illinois. As a young man, George moved to Buchanan County, Iowa, probably around 1856, according to his obituary (see below).

It is interesting to note that some of George’s siblings (Elizabeth, Hannah, and Susannah) also lived in Buchanan County, Iowa.

George married on May 31, 1861 to Jeannette Sharp, a native of Albany, New York. They had eight children.

This picture is very likely to be four generations of the Elliott family taken circa 1914: George Elliott, John Elliott, Mark Elliott (1888-1971) and Merle Elliott (1912-?). Photo provided by Stephen Reed.

Photo of George Elliott, wife Jeanette and children

Front row: George Elliott (1830-1917) and wife Jeannette Sharp (1843-1926). Back row, from left to right: Their children, John Elliot (1862-1950), Belle (1887-1978) married John Quigley (1887-1947), Mary Alice (1864-1950) married Albert Reed (1866-1942), Leigh R. (1882-1960), William George (1866-1935), Blanche M. (1879-1934) and Florence Jeannette (1870-1943) married Frank Kerr (1870- ). The only child missing from the photo is eighth child Bertha Mabel who died as an infant (1876-1879). Photo provided by Stephen Reed.

From 1896 George was the President of Winthrop State Bank, until his retirement in 1912. George died March 2, 1917 in Winthrop Township, and is buried in Fleming-Fremont Cemetery, Fremont, Buchanan, Iowa. His wife Jeannette died January 5, 1926 in Fremont Township. They are buried together in Section 19, Lot 99 (old section of Cemetery).

George’s Obituary

Obituary from an Independence, Iowa paper: “George Elliott was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1830. When ten years of age, he came to this country with his father, John Elliott, and settled in Illinois, where he lived about fourteen years. In 1856, Mr. Elliott came to this county, and settled in Jefferson township, where he had previously purchased a quarter section; there he lived about three years, being engaged in farming, threshing, etc. Mr. Elliott, in company with Charles Tulloch, owned one of the first threshing machines ever brought to this county, and with it did a great deal of work for his neighbors. After leaving Jefferson, he resided in Byron two years. In 1860, he purchased eighty acres in Fremont; has since made additions, and now owns four hundred and twenty acres in all He built his present residence-a very good house-in 1864. He has a good orchard, and good farm buildings, making a very pleasant home. In 1861, he married Miss Jeanette Sharp, who was born in New York, in 1843. Following are the names of their children: John, born June 4, 1862; Mary Alice, born June 12, 1864; William George, born October 13, 1866; Florence, born November 28, 1870; Bertha Mabel, born March 30, 1876, died August 3, 1879; their youngest, a daughter, was born July 29, 1879. Mr. Elliott is one of the early settlers. He is highly esteemed as a man and a citizen. He has held several local offices.”


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  1. Billie Leclerc

    Is your Elliott family connected in any way to mine?

    The London Times of April 11, 1853 reported the sailing of the ship AMERICA on April 9 1853. On May 14 1853 the ship AMERICA, commanded by Joseph J. Lawrence, arrived in NY from Liverpool, carrying a William ELLIOTT with family members, Lucy ELLIOTT, 18, and supposed siblings Margaret, 15 and Charles, 20. All 4 declared their home as Ireland. William isn’t accompanied by a wife so he may have been widowed. However, nothing on the ship list confirms them to be a father-children family unit. I’m simply supposing. Coincidentally, on an earlier page of passenger names, I discovered a Joseph ELLIOTT, age 27, who gives his home country as England….perhaps a scribe’s error. I don’t know if there is a connection between these separate ELLIOTT entries on the same ship.

    I’ve discovered that this ELLIOTT family unit spent a couple years in New York before traveling west to Iowa. While living in N Y, William had married a Jane B. (Burgess- married or maiden name?) a young woman of 28, an 1839 immigrant from Ireland. After their move to Iowa in about 1855 or 1856 I have been able to locate these Elliott’s in the 1856, 1860, 1880, & 1900 Iowa Census and follow some of them and their growing families. Lucinda ELLIOTT married Christopher BETTS/BETZ in 1859, my great grandparents.

    Research efforts in Iowa have uncovered these additional details of the ELLIOTT family:
    In the 1856 IA Census, this ELLIOTT family unit appears with again William, 40 yrs. Jane, a young wife of 28, and ELLIOTT children including the 3 immigrant young people listed above, plus a 1 yr. old son born in Iowa, and John ELLIOTT, a butcher, age 22 . Same family unit with some additions.

    In the 1860 Blackhawk Co. IA census William ELLIOTT appears with Charles, 23 but minus Lucy and Margaret. His family unit now includes his young wife, Jane and 2 small sons, William A. and George D.B. In this same 1860 IA census, on roll 187, page 86, #256/237, I find my ancestors, Lucinda (Elliott) and Christopher BETTS with their first son, born in 1859. Lucinda gives age as 22, her birth place Ireland. Charles ELLIOTT, 21, a carpenter also born in Ireland, was living with them! Records show that on Jan. 1, 1859 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, IA Lucinda ELLIOTT, born in Ireland, and Christopher BETTS/BETZ, born in PA, are married by Rev. J. M. Phillips. I haven’t yet found the youngest girl, Margaret ELLIOTT. Lucinda ELLIOTT BETTS died in Clarksville, IA in January 1894 and is buried in the Lowtown Cemetery.

    I’ve located the IA burial sites in Cedar Falls IA of Jane, William, and some of their children. The tombstone I found gives William’s year of birth as 1808 which would make a 20 year age difference between spouses. But all this success in finding information about William ELLIOTT’s American family hasn’t helped me trace him back to Ireland and to a probable first marriage: a mother for the 3 immigrant Elliotts already young adults at their NY arrival in 1853.

    It has been impossible to find any information about this family’s Irish origins or the county they lived in. Not having a name for William’s first wife, probable mother to the 3 children who immigrated with him in 1853, complicates the search further. Hopefully, some other ELLIOTT or BURGESS researcher will identify them so I can begin researching these ELLIOTTs in their county of origin.

    Thank you to anyone who can identify similarities between their family research and mine. Jane Burgess ELLIOTT was from a family of at least 5 girls and 2 boys who lived in New York City. One of her sisters, Mrs. Maria Gray lived at 168 Springfield avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey, and died there in March 1904. Please contact me to exchange data.

    Billie Betts Leclerc

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